The Sound of Speed: Allen & Heath Super Q

48 channel, 96kHz digital mixers for live sound, AV and installation.

The Sound of Speed

Built on our latest generation 96kHz FPGA XCVI core, SQ sets a new standard for compact digital mixers, delivering pristine, high resolution audio with a class-leading latency of <0.7ms.

Don’t get left behind. Discover SQ.


16 onboard preamps
16+1 faders
48 channel / 36 mix bus

Rack mountable
96 assignable channel strips


24 onboard preamps
24+1 faders
48 channel / 36 mix bus

Assignable SoftRotaries
144 assignable channel strips

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SysFlex: Complex Interface Solutions at the Click of a Connector 



The SysFlex series is a family of A/V modules providing complex interface solutions at the click of a connector. SysFlex modules provide connectorized interface between data networks and analog and digital audio devices, networked and conventional amplifiers and other application-specific solutions. 

In RDL’s tradition of versatility, SysFlex modules can be used right where they are needed: Rack-mounted, Surface-mounted, or unmounted. They are light-weight, compact and easy to install with simple, straightforward switch settings and LED indicators. Modules quickly snap into the SysFlex rack mount and each is firmly secured with a single screw. The racking system segregates network and power wiring from the audio and digital audio connectors. 

For connectorized network audio endpoints and A/V system components that provide unparalleled performance and advanced features without giving up simplicity and ease of installation, SysFlex is the industry’s best value. 

Download the data sheet here

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NILES, IL., June 20, 2017—Shure showcased its new flagship Axient® Digital wireless microphone system at the Association of British Theater Technicians' annual show at London's Alexandra Palace earlier this month. As the ABTT show drew to a close on its first day, June 6th, Shure representatives were delighted to learn that the new system had won the ABTT Theatre Award for Sound Product of the Year 2017. Making their choice known, the judges, ABTT CEO Robin Townley and Chairwoman Louise Jeffreys, commented that it was clear Shure had been listening to the opinions of theater professionals everywhere, and had delivered a high-quality system.

"Stability and flexibility are the keys to this year’s sound product of the year," commented Townley, going on to note that Axient Digital "has been developed with the end user in mind, built upon industry feedback."

Axient Digital, which was launched at NAB earlier this year, replaces Shure's earlier market-leading analogue UHF-R® and Axient® wireless microphone systems, building on their capabilities to create the most advanced wireless platform to date, suited for all professional productions and situations. Catering to evolving customer needs — especially in an environment of continued RF spectrum pressure — Axient Digital provides high-performance RF, command and control, and exceptional audio quality. It’s also scalable; its receiver works with two different transmitter types, the AD and ADX series. The latter product range includes the ADX1M, a unique micro-bodypack with an internal, self-tuning antenna, which addresses many of the key performance compromises of traditional bodypack designs in the theater market, and was the subject of particular attention from the ABTT judges as they announced the award. Townley and Jeffreys also reserved specific praise for the system's Dante Cue mode, which allows monitoring via the Dante protocol of every Axient Digital channel on the network through a single headphone output.

"Shure is honored to receive this ABTT award," comments Shure UK Pro Audio Group Manager Tuomo Tolonen. "ABTT is a well-respected and well-attended event amongst UK theater professionals: an excellent place to connect with the industry's most important people. Attending this year with Axient Digital has been a priority for us since the earliest plans for the system's launch.

"We worked very closely with the professional theater community when developing this product to understand what the user really wanted. Winning this award reinforces our commitment to listening to our customers."

More information about Axient Digital can be found at:

Now Shipping: ULX-D® Digital Wireless Boundary & Gooseneck Transmitters and Networked Charging Stations

We are pleased to announce the ULXD6 Wireless Boundary Microphone Transmitters, ULXD8 Wireless Gooseneck Base Transmitters and Networked Charging Stations are now available. 

Combined with ULX-D receivers they deliver uncompromising digital audio clarity and solid RF performance in a form factor tailored for AV Conferencing settings.

Features of these new transmitters include:

  • Very low latency - ideal for meetings that require live sound reinforcement
  • Long transmission range (up to 300 feet/100 meters) for reliable performance in very large meetings at conference and convention centers
  • Compatible with the full line of Shure antennas and distribution components, allowing up to 200 transmitters to be used with just one pair of receiving antennas for efficient setup
  • Available with standard AA alkaline batteries
  • Optional SB900A rechargeable batteries provide up to 9 hours of runtime
  • Compatible with ULX-D and QLX-D® digital receivers
  • SBC450 (4-bay) and SBC850 (8-bay) Networked Charging Stations allow convenient docking and charging when transmitters are not in use
  • Wireless Workbench® 6 software compatible for advanced frequency coordination, monitoring, and control

All new ULX-D SKUs are now available to order and shipping

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New Release: Q-SYS Designer Software v5.4.128


Q-SYS Designer Software v5.4.128 includes:

  • Video Bridging on Core 110f:  When utilizing the video bridging capability on the Core 110f USB Device port, networked audio channel count will be limited to 64 x 64 Q-LAN / AES67
  • New IP Camera Firmware: Several stability improvements.  Note that users will now need to update camera firmware in Q-SYS Administrator (No longer an automatic process)

(See Q-SYS Designer Software Change Log for full details)

New Release: Q-SYS Designer Software v5.4

Q-SYS Designer Software v5.4 includes:

  • Added IEEE standards-based video-over-IP capability to the Q-LAN Networking Solution
  • Enabled video wiring capability within Q-SYS Designer Software for AV-to-USB Bridging solution (as well as future Q-SYS Video-over-IP products)
  • Additional inventory items including Q-SYS PTZ-IP conference cameras and I/O-USB Bridge for AV-to-USB Bridging over standard IP networks
  • Added video bridging capability directly to Q-SYS Core 110f’s USB-B port
  • New sample design files demonstrating AV-to-USB Bridging with touch sreen camera control

(See Q-SYS Designer Software Change Log for full details)

Shure 600 MHZ Wireless Rebate

Due to the FCC spectrum auction, use of wireless microphones and personal monitor systems in the frequencies between 616 MHz - 653 MHz and 663 MHz-698 MHz ("600 MHz Band") will eventually be prohibited by law.

Customers using wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz Band should plan to transition to another range of spectrum.

Shure’s 600 MHz Wireless Rebate allows you to trade in your eligible system for a rebate towards your purchase of a new system. The rebate program runs from April 17, 2017 until April 30, 2018.


  1. Use this tool to check if your old Shure or non-Shure system is eligible for trade-in and review rebate requirements in the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Purchase a new eligible Shure wireless system.
  3. Complete an online 600 MHz Wireless Rebate form.
  4. Pack and ship your old product to Shure along with your printed confirmation page. Use a trackable shipping method.
  5. Receive a check from Shure. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Qualifying System Purchases

Rebates are paid per channel. To qualify for the full eligible rebate amount, the number of returned channels must match the number of purchased channels.

Wireless Systems come in a variety of configurations. Receivers may have multiple channels. In the case of PSM systems, transmitters can also be multi-channel. Receiver types include tabletop, camera mount, bodypack, and rack mount. Transmitter types include handheld, bodypack, plug-on, and rack mount (in the case of PSM or IEM transmitters).

Wireless LineRebate per Channel

  • New Digital Wireless to be Announced on April 24th, 2017
  • ULX-D

    ULXD4D + Transmitters$500

    ULXD4Q + Transmitters$500

    ULXD4 + Transmitters$250

  • QLX-D$250
  • GLX-D$75
  • BLX / BLXR / PGX-D$50
  • PSM1000$500
  • PSM900$250
  • PSM300$100

Check Trade-in Eligibility

Find out if your system/band is eligible for a rebate and find equivalent Shure products to replace it.

Complete Online Claim Form

Fill out this form to begin your rebate claim. Purchase receipts required for every claimed system.

Incentive Auction ResourcE

 Consult our Resource Center for updates and FAQs.

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Introducing QSC K.2 Series - The Next Standard

The QSC K.2 Series is quite simply, the next standard in powered loudspeakers. To start, each model is equipped with a 2000-watt power module carefully matched to high-performance woofers and compression drivers. DMT™ (Directivity-Matched Transition) ensures smooth coverage across the entire listening area. Advanced on-board DSP provides Intrinsic Correction™ voicing and advanced system management to further optimize performance.

Factory Presets and Recallable Scenes for
commonly-used applications such as:

Stage Monitor - Dance Music - Handheld MIc- Musical Instrument

Multi-Function Digital Display for control and selection of loudspeaker functions including CROSS-OVER, EQ, DELAY and PRESET CONTOURS

The K.2 Series can function as either the Main PA or as a Floor Monitor. Each model can also be flown, wall- or truss-mounted or placed on a speaker pole, either straight-firing or with 7.5 degree down-tilt. This flexibility makes it a smart choice for a wide range of live sound applications.

Advanced Control And Functionality

Superbly flexible, the K.2 Series provides its operators with a library of preset contours for common applications such as Stage Monitor, Dance Music, Musical Instrument Amplification, Hand-held Microphone and more, while also offering storable Scenes to recall user-configurable settings such as input type, delay, EQ, cross-over and selected contour. Operated as either main PA or as a floor monitor, each model can also be flown, wall- or truss-mounted, or placed on a speaker pole, either straight-firing or with 7.5-degree down-tilt.

The perfect complement to both the new K.2 loudspeaker line as well as legacy K Series full-range models, the new KS212C Cardioid Subwoofer represents a breakthrough in innovation and design, uniquely providing all the benefits of a cardioid subwoofer array in a single, compact enclosure. “Keeping bass in its place” for mobile entertainers, AV production and rental professionals, as well as modestly-sized performance venues, the KS212C cardioid subwoofer is unparalleled in its ability to manage low frequencies on the stage, or any application where undesirable low frequency energy needs to be minimized. Dual 12-inch long-excursion drivers, each arranged in a 6th order bandpass chamber, are powered by a 3,600 Watt amplifier and controlled by the system’s DSP to produce a staggering 15 dB more output at the front of the cabinet than at the rear. Like the K.2 Series, the KS212C provides advanced DSP with on-board user-controllable and recallable Scenes via the LCD screen and control panel. Highly portable, the cabinet features comfortable, aluminum handles and four, rear-mounted casters. Two M20 sockets are provided to accept a 35mm speaker pole in either vertical or horizontal deployment of the sub.

Additionally, QSC is also proud to announce that K.2 Series models as well as the KS212C Cardioid Subwoofer feature a global 6-Year Warranty with product registration. 

The K.2 Series will be available in select markets in mid-May 2017. Estimated (U.S) street prices are: $649.99 for the K8.2; $699.99 for the K10.2 and $799.99 for the K12.2. The KS212C cardioid subwoofer is expected to ship in late Summer 2017. Estimated US street price is $1,399.99. 

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Listen Technologies announces ListenTalk


Listen Technologies is proud to announce ListenTALK  a two-way mobile communication system that enables leaders to communicate with participants, and allows participants to reply by simply pressing a button.  

ListenTALK is an all-in-one device that both transmits and receives, its benefits go beyond a simple communication tool.  

Key Advantages:

  • Simple and flexible: The push of a button delivers two-way talk and collaboration—while easily configurable on the fly. Simple, yet sophisticated, effortless collaboration of 1-1, 1-many, all-all.
  • Secure: Proprietary encryption technology ensures privacy in conversations.  
  • Reliable: It always works with low interference, operates full duplex in the 1.9GHz band (not the crowded 2.4GHz space).
  • Simplicity:  With one step, groups are easily programmed in the charging case. Groups can also be created on the fly using near field communication technology (NFC) to associate a participant with their specific leader(s).  Multiple leaders can talk at the same time to the same group of participants, or simultaneous groups can easily be paired with separate leaders.  Participants can be programmed for 3 separate participant modes based on the application  Listen(participants are listen-only) Respond (participants can ask questions that only the leader can hear)  Discuss (leader and participants can communicate with each other). 

For more info please reach please download the brochure or contact sales 

TouchMix Sounds Great REBATE

Choosing TouchMix might be one of the best decisions you'll ever make about your sound. Whether you're a seasoned audio professional or this is your very first mixer, you'll get great results quickly, easily, and on your very first gig.

Here's another result you can expect from TouchMix – cash back when you purchase either a TouchMix-16 or a TouchMix-8. After all, great decisions should be rewarded.


TouchMix-16 $100 rebate


TouchMix-8 $50 rebate

Offer is valid in the USA and Canada, excluding Quebec,
between February 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017.
Rebates must be submitted by July 31, 2017.