Now Shipping: ULX-D® Digital Wireless Boundary & Gooseneck Transmitters and Networked Charging Stations

We are pleased to announce the ULXD6 Wireless Boundary Microphone Transmitters, ULXD8 Wireless Gooseneck Base Transmitters and Networked Charging Stations are now available. 

Combined with ULX-D receivers they deliver uncompromising digital audio clarity and solid RF performance in a form factor tailored for AV Conferencing settings.

Features of these new transmitters include:

  • Very low latency - ideal for meetings that require live sound reinforcement
  • Long transmission range (up to 300 feet/100 meters) for reliable performance in very large meetings at conference and convention centers
  • Compatible with the full line of Shure antennas and distribution components, allowing up to 200 transmitters to be used with just one pair of receiving antennas for efficient setup
  • Available with standard AA alkaline batteries
  • Optional SB900A rechargeable batteries provide up to 9 hours of runtime
  • Compatible with ULX-D and QLX-D® digital receivers
  • SBC450 (4-bay) and SBC850 (8-bay) Networked Charging Stations allow convenient docking and charging when transmitters are not in use
  • Wireless Workbench® 6 software compatible for advanced frequency coordination, monitoring, and control

All new ULX-D SKUs are now available to order and shipping

For more information or to place an order call 815-271-3000 or email