Shure 600 MHZ Wireless Rebate

Due to the FCC spectrum auction, use of wireless microphones and personal monitor systems in the frequencies between 616 MHz - 653 MHz and 663 MHz-698 MHz ("600 MHz Band") will eventually be prohibited by law.

Customers using wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz Band should plan to transition to another range of spectrum.

Shure’s 600 MHz Wireless Rebate allows you to trade in your eligible system for a rebate towards your purchase of a new system. The rebate program runs from April 17, 2017 until April 30, 2018.


  1. Use this tool to check if your old Shure or non-Shure system is eligible for trade-in and review rebate requirements in the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Purchase a new eligible Shure wireless system.
  3. Complete an online 600 MHz Wireless Rebate form.
  4. Pack and ship your old product to Shure along with your printed confirmation page. Use a trackable shipping method.
  5. Receive a check from Shure. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Qualifying System Purchases

Rebates are paid per channel. To qualify for the full eligible rebate amount, the number of returned channels must match the number of purchased channels.

Wireless Systems come in a variety of configurations. Receivers may have multiple channels. In the case of PSM systems, transmitters can also be multi-channel. Receiver types include tabletop, camera mount, bodypack, and rack mount. Transmitter types include handheld, bodypack, plug-on, and rack mount (in the case of PSM or IEM transmitters).

Wireless LineRebate per Channel

  • New Digital Wireless to be Announced on April 24th, 2017
  • ULX-D

    ULXD4D + Transmitters$500

    ULXD4Q + Transmitters$500

    ULXD4 + Transmitters$250

  • QLX-D$250
  • GLX-D$75
  • BLX / BLXR / PGX-D$50
  • PSM1000$500
  • PSM900$250
  • PSM300$100

Check Trade-in Eligibility

Find out if your system/band is eligible for a rebate and find equivalent Shure products to replace it.

Complete Online Claim Form

Fill out this form to begin your rebate claim. Purchase receipts required for every claimed system.

Incentive Auction ResourcE

 Consult our Resource Center for updates and FAQs.

For more information call 815-271-3000 or email