Listen Technologies announces ListenTalk


Listen Technologies is proud to announce ListenTALK  a two-way mobile communication system that enables leaders to communicate with participants, and allows participants to reply by simply pressing a button.  

ListenTALK is an all-in-one device that both transmits and receives, its benefits go beyond a simple communication tool.  

Key Advantages:

  • Simple and flexible: The push of a button delivers two-way talk and collaboration—while easily configurable on the fly. Simple, yet sophisticated, effortless collaboration of 1-1, 1-many, all-all.
  • Secure: Proprietary encryption technology ensures privacy in conversations.  
  • Reliable: It always works with low interference, operates full duplex in the 1.9GHz band (not the crowded 2.4GHz space).
  • Simplicity:  With one step, groups are easily programmed in the charging case. Groups can also be created on the fly using near field communication technology (NFC) to associate a participant with their specific leader(s).  Multiple leaders can talk at the same time to the same group of participants, or simultaneous groups can easily be paired with separate leaders.  Participants can be programmed for 3 separate participant modes based on the application  Listen(participants are listen-only) Respond (participants can ask questions that only the leader can hear)  Discuss (leader and participants can communicate with each other). 

For more info please reach please download the brochure or contact sales