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Affordable, simple to deploy products designed for the education space. With many different levels of education focused products, Liberty can create the perfect package for your classroom saving you time, money, and helping drive efficiencies on every job.

Digitalinx HDMI HDBaseT Wall Plate Extension Set with USB

Item # -DL-1H1A1U-WPKT-W 

  • HDMI support up to 4k with PoC power

  • Pass USB2.0 High Speed to reciever & 2 port USB hub on RX

  • Pass-Through audio independent of HDMI for audio only sources

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Digitalinx HDMI, VGA and USB 2.0 Extender Set with Display Control

Item # - DL-HDBT2-WP-KIT

  • HDMI, VGA, & Audio extended up to 100m with PoC power

  • USB 2.0 High Speed w/ 4port hub on receiver

  • Simple Display Control powers display on/off when source is connected 

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NEW: DigitaLinx "ARK" Series - (HDMI + VGA or HDMI x3)

Item # - DL-ARK-3H1VC or 4HC

  • 3 piece room kit w/ auto or manual switching, display control, and audio amplification

  • 4k compatibility w/ fast switching and scaling up to 4k

  • Control plate and web GUI for system and display control

  • Two options - HDMI + VGA or HDMI x3

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