Link Spotlight: How Many Strands Are in Your Speaker Cable?

Electrical Cable is NOT Speaker Cable!

Many production companies are using standard 12 gauge electrical grade cable between their power amplifiers and expensive line arrays. Using electrical cable poses potential problems that can adversely affect the reliability, performance, and overall sound quality.

A typical piece of stranded electrical cable contains less than 66 strands per conductor, making it rigid and limiting the surface area. The surface of a conductor has less resistance than the center, so the more surface area, the less overall resistance. eurocable™ speaker cables are known for their extreme flexibility due to the very high strand count (128) of the individual conductors. This composition results in a single conductor that is 4mm² (11 AWG) and still fits in a 12 AWG pin. The significantly higher strand count also allows Link to guarantee that your rig will experience less than 1dB of signal loss over a 50-meter run.

As you begin thinking about your speaker cable set-up and requirements, below are some examples to help get you started.


More Options to Fit Your Specific Requirements

Today’s professional line arrays require granular control to leverage DSP and high-density power amplifiers effectively. The eurocable™ series of multicore speaker cables and LK multi-conductor speaker connectors are explicitly designed with touring applications in mind and are available in 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 36 and 48 conductor configurations. The CVS LK36N40AD2 and LK48N40AD2 also contain digital pairs to transport conventional laser and inclinometer signals.

All eurocable™ speaker cables are flame resistant and are designed with a no-center conductor, attributing to their superior strength in field applications where long hanging lengths are required. Channel pairs are clearly labeled and arranged using our unique production process to ensure identical distance for the red (+) and black (-) conductors.


Multicore Speaker Cables

  • Strategically designed for touring applications

  • Flame resistant, extremely flexible

  • Available in 4, 8, 16, 24, 36 and 48 conductor configurations

  • CVS LK36N40AD2 and LK48N40AD2 contain digital pairs to transport common laser and inclinometer signals


Audio and Power Speaker Cables

  • Ideal for use on stage, delay and main speaker systems

  • Self-powered SPKAL series

  • Available with 3x1.5 mm² and 3x2.5 mm² power cable

  • Designed to ensure interference-free operation with the benefit of running one cable for power + audio

  • Features 26 AWG 110 ohm double-shielded digital pairs for audio and data signals

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