Link Spotlight: Introducing "Shawn's Box" (Hybrid Power + Data)


What Makes "Shawn's Box" Unique? 
(Hybrid Power + Data)

"Shawn's Box," as we affectionately call it, was designed collaboratively by Shawn McLoughlin (Audio Biz) and RJ Kenny (Link) to address the practical needs of the Audio Engineer or LD who requires power, data, and a couple of coms or tie lines between FOH and the stage. Often, we find ourselves relying on volunteers or local stage crews to run cables and make complex connections. Shawn’s Box makes it simple and ensures a reliable connection every time.

Leveraging the LKG 24/2E10 connector and Eurocable CVS LK2CAT6SF 12/3 AD2, this hybrid solution provides a unique combination of 20A 12/3 shielded power, two CAT6, and two 110 ohms shielded digital pairs that can be used for transporting a wide range of digital audio and lighting protocols, coms, and power in a single connection. Also perfect for educational or portable church applications, Shawn's Box is available in a 2U 19” rack-mount or drop-box configuration.

Shawn’s box Side View

Shawn’s box Side View

Shawn’s box - Front View

Shawn’s box - Front View


LKG 24E10 Connector + eurocable

  • Compatible with Shawn's Box

  • Based on the MIL-C-5015 and VG 95234 standards, IP68 when mated

  • Ruggedized Rubber Locking Ring

  • High-quality CAT6 Gigabit contacts

  • Transport SF/UTP CAT6 signals 90 meters

  • Guaranteed for 2000 coupling operations

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