Shure microflex ADVance Training

RU Credits: 0.5 CTS

In this course, you will learn how to install and configure Microflex Advance products, including the MXA910 ceiling array microphone, MXA310 table array microphone, and ANI4IN and ANI4OUT audio network interfaces. Installing the MXA910, aiming microphone lobes, and signal routing. 

Shure Systemon Software Training

RU Credits: 0.0 CTS

SystemOn Networked Software from Shure allows AV technicians to monitor and control Shure networked devices from a single, centralized location. The tutorials in this video series will teach you how to configure SystemOn and illustrate the options and functionality available with this powerful tool.

Shure microflex Wireless Training

RU Credits: 0.5 CTS

In this course, you will learn how to properly install a Shure Microflex Wireless System. Topics include: Installing the access point transceiver, creating a configuration, troubleshooting, and more. Additional reading material is provided after the test, for advanced learning.

QSC Level 1 Training

RU Credits: 4.0 CTS

You’ll navigate through the Q-SYS Designer software, and learn about the essential Q-SYS components involved in assembling your physical inventory, routing audio and building basic user control interfaces.

Dante Certification Level 1 - Introduction to Dante

RU Credits: 2.0 CTS, Domain A

Level 1 certification tests proficiency of basic Dante audio networking concepts, and covers audio networking fundamentals, basic networking concepts, creating a small-scale Dante network, and using Dante Controller and Dante Virtual Soundcard.