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Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array Live Demo!

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Date: Feb 13 + 14th

Time: One hour blocks (9am-5pm)

Location: VER 8401 W 47th Street McCook, IL 60525

IV6 Highlights

IV6arrays_x3_1500x150 _1_.png
  • Modular, can be combined to make arrays of up to twenty elements @ 10:1 safety ratio
  • Versatile configurations for both constant curve and line array applications
  • Built-in Passive Acoustic Optimization settings allow array response shaping using one amplifier channel
  • Elegant acoustics designed for permanent installations
  • Exclusive Acoustic Optimization and Rigging Safety Check modules integrated into EASE® Focus 3
  • Indoor and Outdoor (weather-resistant) models available

Attendees will get 5% discount on first IV6 order and be entered to win $100 gift card!!

5% off applicable dealer program. No additional discounts apply.

Order must be received by June 1st and scheduled for shipment by July 31st