TouchMix-30 Pro – New Firmware v2.0 & Windows DAW driver

TouchMix-30 Pro – New Firmware v2.0 & Windows DAW driver

With firmware version 2.0, TouchMix-30 Pro now supports 3 custom fader banks of 8 channels each, allowing versatile, personalized channel display for the most demanding users and applications. Firmware v2.0 also gives the TouchMix-30 Pro the capability to interface with select third party control surfaces with motorized faders using Mackie Control Protocol. Two modes of operation exist: TouchMix-30 Pro mixer wired to the control surface, or iOS tablet paired with the control surface and connected to the TouchMix-30 Pro mixer via Wi-Fi. The complementary new channel strips display presents controls and indicators for the selected fader group.

The new, updated Windows DAW driver allows for a more robust connection to Windows computers and enable plug-in’s to run on Windows DAW’s and on Waves MultiRack.

Shure Wireless Workbench Update WWB 6.13 is Now Available


WWB 6.13 is Now Available

The latest version of Wireless Workbench is now available for download at our website.

Wireless Workbench 6.13 has significant updates and new features. We recommend you update to this version as soon as possible. This continues to be a free download.

Key Updates, Features & Benefits:>

Advanced Zone Management

  • Users can potentially calculate more frequencies by being more deliberate about zone relationships, which can now be configured to respect channel-to-channel or channel-to-intermodulation spacing.

FCC Approved TV Database Integration for the U.S.

  • Provides users with up-to-the-minute information about available VHF and UHF TV and public safety channels in the United States.

Bug fixes of varying severity (see release notes).

Shure Unveils Designer 3.1 System Configuration Software


At InfoComm 2018, Shure announced the latest version of its Designer software application that provides system integrators, designers, and sales staff improved workflow efficiency to configure Shure products during design and build cycles—offline and online. Designer 3.1 provides users with a single software tool to design and commission system installations, enhancing the performance and usability of Shure products, while reducing onsite configuration time. The latest software gives users one place to design, route, and configure.

“With this latest iteration of Designer, AV professionals will be able to better determine the suitable device type and count remotely when creating configurations,” said Katie Farine, Product Owner at Shure. “Users will gain better control over their designs with the ability to import floor plans and design audio coverage and routing while also having the capability to create and reuse room templates across multiple locations.”

Designer 3.1 provides support across an expanded portfolio of Shure products, including the Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 Ceiling Array and MXA310 Table Array Microphones, IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, and ANIUSB-Matrix USB Audio Network Interface. As one single tool, the software enables smooth synchronization in real-time with audio routing between Shure networked products. Users can manage device presets at a location level to more easily configure and load settings for multipurpose or combinable spaces. Device passwords and Shure Network Audio Encryption can also be enabled for an entire location at a time, making managing security settings across multiple devices easier than ever.

“With expanded support of Shure networked microphones and signal processing products, Designer 3.1 will be especially appealing to users who are currently designing and configuring Shure’s latest equipment,” continued Farine. “The Designer software update improves workflow efficiencies to make our users’ jobs easier.”

Designer 3.1 can be downloaded for free, later this year, on any computer running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.

QSC expands AcousticDesign™ Series with new Transformer-less Surface-Mount Loudspeaker Option


QSC introduces the new AD-S6, a transformer-less surface mount 6.5-inch two-way loudspeaker. As part of the AcousticDesign™ Series, this new loudspeaker is ideal for foreground and background music (BGM/FGM) applications, as well as installations specifically requiring higher SPL foreground sound reinforcement.

“The AD-S6 is an ideal addition to our Premium Business Music solutions that were specifically designed to meet the high-performance needs of foreground applications,” said Travis Nie, Product Manager, Installed Loudspeakers, QSC. “We are excited to expand our popular AcousticDesign Series with a loudspeaker that is nearly identical to AD-S6T, but with the AD-S6 we lowered the cost by removing the transformer and providing 16 ohm nominal impedance, making it ideal for use in low impedance distributed systems.”

The AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers deliver pristine audio reproduction for installations requiring a refined audio experience, combining exceptional clarity, performance, coverage and aesthetics for installed sound applications. This line includes a wide range of sizes and models that deliver consistent and balanced sonic characteristics, and share the same high-end aesthetic quality enabling users to mix-and-match enclosure types. Available in black or white, they also include the patented X-Mount™ mounting system providing unprecedented ease-of-installation that minimizes commissioning time and expense.


  • 6.5-inch weather treated woofer

  • 105° conical DMT coverage

  • Maximum peak SPL 116 dB (16 Ω)

  • DMT (Directivity Matched Transition™) ensures smooth, uniform frequency response over the coverage area

  • X-Mount™ system enables the loudspeaker to be easily installed and deployed at a variety of angles with no slippage over time

  • Advanced voicing filter sets using QSC Intrinsic Correction™, available through either Q-SYS processing or CXD amplifier platforms

  • Lightweight ABS enclosures offer long-term durability and lasting good looks

  • Sealed input panel cover and powder coated aluminum grilles for added weather resistance

  • Meets IEC60529 IP-54 for dust and splash resistance

  • Available in black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9010)

  • Complete EASE, CF2, CAD, and BIM information available online

For more information or to place an order call 815-271-3000 or email

Shure Announces MXA910 With Intellimix

We’re very excited to announce a significant update to the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone, firmware version 4.0.12! Enhancements include:

  • IntelliMix® DSP including AEC, Noise Reduction, Automatic mixing, AGC, Compressor, Delay, and EQ. IntelliMix® uses Shure’s patent-pending acoustic echo cancellation technology to deliver a single channel of auto-mixed, noise- and echo-free audio.

  • Patent-pending Autofocus™ technology continually fine-tunes the position of each lobe in real time, for consistent sound when participants lean back in their chairs, or even stand up.

There is no additional cost for this update, which is available now from the Shure Update Utility

Please also make sure to download new version 3.2 updates to Designer and SystemOn, which support the new MXA910 4.0.12 firmware – they’re available at

Additionally, P300 users should update their devices to version 3.1.6, which is also available today and features support for the new MXA910 firmware.

For questions or support call 815-271-3000 or email

Rane TERMINAL 1010x Audio DSP Multiprocessor



Audio DSP Multiprocessor

The Terminal 1010x takes the DSP Experience to the next level with an intuitive front-panel that enables users to control 10 analog balanced inputs for Mic/Line/+48V and 10 balanced outputs. There are also 6 flexible RAD Plus PoE ports to connect breakout boxes and wall plate remote controls and 4 Universal GPIO logic ports for external devices such as alarm systems, sensors, lights, projectors, etc. There is also a slot for an optional DANTE™ 32x32 card for network connectivity.

Native Analog 10-in/10-out

  • 6 RAD+ Ports support RADs and DRs - adds 12-in/12-out, for a total 22-in/22-out

  • Optional DANTE™ card adds 32-in/32-out on the network

  • Expansion Port for future hardware releases

  • Online Wizard for quick-start using Halogen software

  • Enhanced front panel control and monitoring


For more information or to schedule a demo, call 815-271-3000 or email

Liberty AV The ‘ARK’ Series Room Kits


Every-AV-Thing in Education

Affordable, simple to deploy products designed for the education space. With many different levels of education focused products, Liberty can create the perfect package for your classroom saving you time, money, and helping drive efficiencies on every job.

Digitalinx HDMI HDBaseT Wall Plate Extension Set with USB

Item # -DL-1H1A1U-WPKT-W 

  • HDMI support up to 4k with PoC power

  • Pass USB2.0 High Speed to reciever & 2 port USB hub on RX

  • Pass-Through audio independent of HDMI for audio only sources

  • Learn more

Digitalinx HDMI, VGA and USB 2.0 Extender Set with Display Control

Item # - DL-HDBT2-WP-KIT

  • HDMI, VGA, & Audio extended up to 100m with PoC power

  • USB 2.0 High Speed w/ 4port hub on receiver

  • Simple Display Control powers display on/off when source is connected 

  • Learn More

NEW: DigitaLinx "ARK" Series - (HDMI + VGA or HDMI x3)

Item # - DL-ARK-3H1VC or 4HC

  • 3 piece room kit w/ auto or manual switching, display control, and audio amplification

  • 4k compatibility w/ fast switching and scaling up to 4k

  • Control plate and web GUI for system and display control

  • Two options - HDMI + VGA or HDMI x3

  • Learn More

For more information or to schedule a demo, call 815-271-3000 or email

QSC Premium Music Business Solution (Now Shipping)


QSC is excited to announce it has begun shipping its recently announced Premium Business Music Solutions – the MP-M Series paging and music mixers, including wall mount controllers and smart device apps, the MP-A Series multi-channel amplifiers, and AcousticDesign™ Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers. These components offer a complete end-to-end audio solution for background and foreground music reinforcement in retail, restaurant, hospitality and other commercial spaces. 

“QSC Premium Business Music Solutions represent a blend of QSC’s long history of quality and product leadership across amplification, processing, mixing, control and loudspeaker technologies,” says David Fuller, Senior Director of Product Management – Live Sound, QSC. “We set out to reimagine the business music category by dramatically simplifying the configuration and installation process, providing flexible control options for a diverse set of users. This comprehensive portfolio delivers a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, high performance background/foreground audio experience unlike anything currently available.”

The QSC Premium Business Music solutions are now available in North America and coming soon in Europe and Asia. For more information on the full portfolio of QSC Premium Business Music solutions, please visit:

Solution details:

MP-M Series paging and music mixers

  • Includes the MP-M40 (8 inputs/4 outputs) and the MP-M80 (16 inputs/8 outputs).

  • Allows for processing and routing of high-quality audio to multiple zones and mixing functionality for live speech reinforcement.

  • Compact 1RU mixers include a wealth of DSP resources including priority ducking, scheduling, automatic mixing functionalities, plus Intrinsic Correction™ technology (factory FIR/IIR presets) for QSC loudspeakers. 

MP-MFC wall controllers

  • Provides source selection, scene selection and volume control for the end user. 

  • Available in North American (Decora™ compatible) or European models, which can be installed in standard electrical boxes.

MP Install app

  • Configuration app helps to expedite design and configuration of MP-M Series mixers.

  • Features intuitive workflow that guides integrators through the entire configuration process, including EQ settings, end user controller set up, and more. 

  • Now available for download on iOS/Android tablets and Windows PCs.

MP Manage app

  • Provides wireless end user control of day-to-day operations of MP-M Series mixers, including customized user privileges settings, level control, source selection, scheduling, scenes, as well as store-and-forward paging capabilities.

  • Now available for download on iOS/Android tablets and smartphones.

MP-A Series

  • Includes MP-A20V (200W x 2 channels), MP-A40V (200W x 4 channels), and MP-A80V (200W x 8 channels).

  • Efficient Class-D technology featuring incredible channel density and functionality in a small 1RU chassis.

  • Features QSC’s new FlexAmp™ which enables installers to configure each pair of channels to deliver up to 400 W of total output power, in any ratio.

AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers

  • Includes surface-mount (AD-S.SUB and AD-S.SAT), ceiling-mount (AD-C.SUB and AD-C.SAT) and pendant-mount (AD-P.SUB and AD-P.SAT) subwoofer/satellite enclosures.

  • Mix & match enclosure types offer same balanced sonic characteristics and high-end aesthetics as other AcousticDesign loudspeakers. 

  • Easy-to-install with built-in high pass satellite outputs, snap-fit magnetic grills, and easy, repeatable wall-mounting system.

For more information or to schedule a demo, call 815-271-3000 or email

Shure's Twin:Plex - The Next Stage in Sound

Shure has introduced the Twinplex series lavalier microphones and headsets. The sub-miniature wearable microphones for theater, presentation and broadcasting applications feature a new dual-diaphragm design.

The Shure Twinplex series consists of four lavalier microphones (TL45, TL46, TL47, TL48) and one headset microphone (TL53). Each of the new products is available in different colors. Some offer a choice of connectors. The microphones feature a new design with two parallel diaphragms, which Shure says is the most complex condenser capsule that the company has ever produced. According to Shure, the design delivers “bigger low frequencies and a smoother top end”. The compact form factor is achieved by placing the circuit board between the two diaphragms. For sweat resistance, the mics feature a micro-molded frequency response cap with a super-hydrophobic coating, which Shure claims offers ten times the sweat resistance of uncoated caps. The Twinplex series microphones also come with newly developed cables designed for exceptional durability and flexibility.

Shure TL45


The TL45 lavalier mic is designed for theater applications and includes interchangeable caps. It is available in four colors and comes with a LEMO connector.

The high-sensitivity TL46 delivers additional volume and a high signal-to-noise ratio. The TL46 comes in four colors and with a choice of LEMO or MTQG connectors. The caps are interchangeable.

Shure TL46


Shure TL47


Shure advertises the TL47 as a universal option for many different applications. This model offers the most connector choices to accommodate a wide variety of body-worn transmitters (LEMO, MTQG, MDOT, XLR, or none). The TL47 features interchangeable caps and can be ordered in four colors.

Shure TL48


The frequency response of the TL48 offers a mid-range boost designed for capturing dialogue in film and TV applications. This model has a fixed, non-interchangeable cap. The TL48 comes in three colors and with a choice of connectors (LEMO, MTQG, MDOT, XLR, or none).

Shure TH53


The TH53 headset microphone features a Twinplex capsule mounted on an ultralight headset frame. Shure says that the frame’s clutch system allows for quick adjustments and mounting of the microphone on either side. The TH53 offers a choice of three colors and four connector options (LEMO, MTQG, MDOT, or none).

For more information or to schedule a demo, call 815-271-3000 or email

DN-700C Network CD / Media Player with Digital Audio Output and RS-232c


The DN-700C is designed to be fully functional as a broadcast/professional installation quality network CD and media player with the option of multiple audio sources.

Housed in a 1RU rack-mountable chassis, the DN-700C Network Media / CD Player’s core features are focused on true audio source versatility and immediate access to pro performance and high-quality audio at the touch of a button. Complete with a front USB port for mass storage devices and iPod® playback offers connectivity to the latest sources of music files including .wav, .mp3, .wma, .aiff, .m4a & .aac, as well as a slot-loading CD mechanism for playback of mp3 CDs and CD-DA (.cda).

The DN-700C can be controlled using a variety of remote control interfaces for varying install and broadcast situations. From IR remote control, parallel (GPIO), RS-232c serial control and even control via a network with the built–in Web-GUI. This improved web-based interface allows a user full control of the DN-700C, from setup menus to transport control and even hot start playback– even from mobile browsers. This provides complete access to a player located in remote areas or when the installation is not always easily accessible.

The front panel is designed for convenient use in professional installation and broadcast environments where ease of access to the audio source and transport controls is imperative, and further includes; five front panel hot start buttons that provide direct access to specific audio files, cue to audio, program playback and a bright OLED display with ‘end monitor’ and ‘finish mode’ features to signal the end of the audio track.

Denon Professional’s Product Manager Software is included with the DN-700C for  single point control of multiple players from a PC/Mac over the network. Complete with full access to the Web Remote as well as unique power on/off capabilities that allow power on and power off sequences to be programmed remotely for single units or multiple units in groups.

For more information or to schedule a demo, call 815-271-3000 or email