Allen & Heath unveils a host of new Dante enabled products at the ISE Show, including unique portable and wall-mount I/O solutions for installation, and two new Dante option cards. All of Allen & Heath’s latest Dante releases are AES67 compatible and Dante Domain Manager ready.

The DT168 provides 16 mic preamps and 8 line outputs in a convenient stage box form factor. Ideal for portable applications thanks to its rubber bumpers and handle, DT168 can be deployed on stage or used as a drop-in expander.

The DT164-W provides 16 mic preamps and 4 line outputs in a versatile wall-mount design for permanent installation. The reversible mounting frame allows for in-wall or on-wall mounting. The unit also fits in a standard 12x12” NEMA box or equivalent, or mounted in a floor pocket for stage use. The IEC mains power inlet can be replaced with a gland module and screw terminals for fixed installation, and a DC 12V backup supply is also provided.

Both DT168 and DT164-W offer Allen & Heath’s acclaimed preamps, complete with 96kHz converters for best-in-class sound quality over Dante, plus Primary and Secondary ports for daisy-chain or redundancy through secure EtherCon connectors. Both new products are compatible with Allen & Heath’s DM and CDM MixRack / MainFrames, and with SQ series mixers.

“DT168 and DT164-W respond to requests from consultants and integrators for Dante connectivity that breaks out of the conventional rackmount format,” commented Allen & Heath Installation Product Manager, Martijn Verkerk. “Whether it’s I/O in the walls and floors or portable units that can be quickly deployed wherever needed, users can now benefit from Allen & Heath audio quality and Dante flexibility throughout the facility.”

Also new are two ‘super’ Dante cards for the Allen & Heath flagship dLive system, offering 64x64 and 128x128 channels respectively of 96kHz Dante audio (switchable to 48kHz). A first at this price point, these powerful options respond to user demand for a high channel count, high sample rate Dante solution in recording, virtual soundcheck and digital split applications.

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It's time for drummers to get the glory they deserve.

Drummers are foundational to a band as they are the rhythm keepers tucked away behind their kits. But playing the drums has always been about more than simply keeping the beat. It’s an attitude. A commitment. A way of life.

Shure wants to recognize the rhythm heroes and talented percussionists out there, so we’re calling on musicians from 44 countries* around the globe to enter DRUM MASTERY 2019 – The Shure Drum Contest .

This competition aims to shine a spotlight on creative drumming by musicians committed to their craft. Do you have a unique playing style? Or are you simply an amazing performer? We want to show the world why you’re a master of the drums. All you have to do is submit a video of you playing solo and demonstrating your skills without any musical accompaniment.

See official rules for complete entry details.

You've Seen Everything. Now Hear Everything. Introducing MV88+ Video Kit

The MOTIV MV88+ Video Kit is a premium Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone. Your new mobile recording rig directly connects to any Apple device via a Lightning connector, or via USB-C to select *additional devices. The MV88+ has all you need to capture great content right out of the box. The included phone mount is also compatible with your existing set-up, allowing to connect to any tripod with a ¼”- 20 (or ¼ camera tripod) connector.

The free ShurePlus MOTIV audio & video Apps enable recording control, and the ability to save and share your content in multiple formats. Apps include real-time audio control, including five built-in DSP preset modes (Speech, Singing, Flat, Acoustic Instrument, Loud), microphone gain, stereo width, and high-quality 24-bit /48 kHz recording.

The MV88+ Video Kit is the perfect high-fidelity solution for mobile capture of all variations: live performance, field recording, interviewing, audio for video and vocal and instrument recording.

*For device compatibility please visit Features & Benefits

• Built-In Headphone Output for real-time monitoring o Monitor mix lets you customize what you hear in your headphones

• Seamless compatibility with Shure MOTIV Audio & Video Applications (iOS & Android versions)

• Multiple stereo width and polar pattern options for ultimate flexibility • Included industry leading Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod

• Included Lightning cable, USB-C cable, phone clamp, shoe-mount mic clip, & neoprene roll-up bag to keep all your accessories in one place

• The included phone mount is also compatible with your existing set-up, allowing you to connect to any tripod with a connector.

• Apple MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) Certified for direct connection to any iOS device without the need for any additional adapters or connection kits

• Compatibility with lightning-equipped iOS devices and additional devices - please check for details

• Allows for phone charging while mic is in use (requires USB-A cable and Apple USB3 camera adapter)- iOS users only Users will no longer need to buy multiple devices to film a high-quality piece of video content one day, and then an audio interview or field recording the next. With the MV88+, users will have a superior microphone with superior accessories, and therefore everything they need to ‘go create’, right out of the box. Windscreen Shared windscreen with standard MV88 and + model Additional custom furry from Rycote available for added wind protection (AMV88-FUR) MOTIV MV88+ Included Accessories

• Windscreen – AMV-88WS • Phone Clamp • Shoe mount Mic Clip

• [Phone clamp/mic clip combo available as AMV-PC] • Lightning cable 15 in/38cm – AMV-LTG15

• USB-C Cable 15 in/38cm – AMV-USBC15 • Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod [cannot be purchased separately from Shure). • Roll-up bag (included)- [not available separately] [Phone clamp/mic clip combo available as AMV-PC] NOT INCLUDED BUT COMPATIBLE • Rycote Furry windjammer – AMV88-FUR • Long lightning cable 40in/1m – AMV-LTG

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QSC Releases CP


QSC, LLC is pleased to introduce the CP Series of compact, powered loudspeakers. CP represents the best-in-class powered loudspeaker solution for customers who desire QSC performance, quality and reliability at a value price point. Further enhancing the products’ appeal, an ultra-compact form factor and light weight combine to offer effortless transport and deployment in both portable and installed applications.

The CP Series is comprised of two 2-way models, the CP8 and CP12. Both models feature a highly efficient 1000-watt Class-D power module, one-touch preset DSP contours for the most common sound reinforcement applications, and line, mic/line and 3.5 mm stereo inputs. Each can also be pole-mounted, utilized as a floor monitor, or deployed in a fixed or temporary installation. Available accessories include carrying tote, outdoor cover and quick-connect yoke mount.

“QSC is known the world-over for delivering quality, high performance products for professional use,” states QSC David Fuller, Sr. Director, Product Development. “The ability to deliver that same value proposition to a far broader range of customers is a remarkable achievement for our teams.” Fuller adds, “Likewise, CP offers an incredible introduction to the QSC brand for first-time buyers, as well as a long sought-after QSC solution for commercial customers.”


Waukesha, Wis.  July 17, 2018 – Cher, Madonna, Sting, Bono… what do they all have in common? They’re incredibly pretentious. But they’re allowed to be pretentious because they are the best. They’re Icons. Well, except Bono.

In that vein, following explosive growth in the LED pro and entertainment lighting industry over the past 8 years Blizzard Lighting announced a major change. With an ever-expanding product line including IRiS™ LED indoor and outdoor video wall panels, the company is thrusting itself into a new iconosphere and will now be known simply as Blizzard. Blizzard CEO & Chairman of the Bored Will Komassa made the announcement to the staff and assembled media throng from the deck of the above ground pool at his vacation home in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

 “We’ve achieved so much as Blizzard Lighting, but we can’t let anything hold us back. Blizzard is already a really long word with like, 8 letters… and 2 of them are Zs. By dropping ‘Lighting’, which my staff tells me also has 8 letters, we’ll immediately become 50% more efficient. It’s a move we simply have to make.”

After having the “Lighting” portion of his lower-back tattoo laser removed—and in step with his company’s decision for a bold moniker change, Komassa said he will no longer answer to his birth name and will only respond when presented with the symbol shown below. The dimensions must be an exact match and drawn only with an English Vermilion shade Crayola Crayon, pulled brand new from the package then immediately melted by wood flame at precisely 200C (392F). When asked if this policy would limit his ability to conduct business or effectively communicate with anyone around him, the chairman formerly known as Will said:

“No. I don’t really like it when people talk to me, so I’m ok with it. Besides, Will.I.Am was already taken.”

Blizzard’s website and contact emails have been redirected to, but the previous site and email addresses will remain active for the time being. Updated logos and guidelines for use are attached. 

Blizzard, headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is a leader in LED pro and entertainment lighting. You can find Blizzard’s products working hard in venues around the world. To learn more, visit us at

Liberty AV Technology Best of Show Winner at InfoComm 2018 - 6x1 under table BYOD auto-switcher


6x1 under table BYOD auto-switcher / scaler with integrated cable leads

  • Integrated with the following connection leads
  • Apple Lightning
  • HDMI (Type A)
  • HDMI mini (Type-D)
  • Display Port
  • Mini Display Port
  • USB-C
  • All above input types converted to HDMI and scaled to 1080P or 4K
  • Cables are 1.4m (4 1/2') to allow for under table mounting, passing through cubbies, table grommets, etc.
  • Auto switches in priority from Lightning to HDMI Type D (left to right)
  • Under table mount included
  • Cables leads are field replaceable
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Patent-Pending


  • Under table mount on conference room and huddle room tables
  • Lectern mount for BYOD connectivity in Education or Training rooms
  • Use without table mount and sit on top of table for BYOD connectivity
  • Mount on mobile carts for easy device connectivity

6x1 under table BYOD auto-switcher / scaler with integrated cable leads

For more information call 815-271-3000 or email 



Allen & Heath has unveiled SQ-7, the new 33 fader flagship console in its 96kHz SQ series.

Following hot on the heels of the hit launch of SQ-5 and SQ-6, the new SQ-7 takes the same powerful XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine and adds extended control and I/O in a larger format, boasting 33 faders, 32 onboard preamps, 16 custom soft keys and 8 user-definable soft rotary controls.

SQ-7 is a 48-channel console, fully compatible with a range of remote I/O expanders, including the portable DX168 96kHz stage boxes. Inputs and mixes can be individually assigned to 192 fader strips across 6 layers, while 16 softkeys and 8 user-assignable soft rotary controls allow the mixer’s workflow to be customised to the needs of each show and operator. Forthcoming Dante, Waves and SLink audio networking cards further extend the scope for expansion, system integration, FoH / monitor splits and recording.

Optional DEEP processing plugins give SQ-7 users access to boutique compressor and preamp emulations which can be embedded directly into all input and mix channels, without adding system latency or setup hassles.


The console’s SQ-Drive feature makes it easy to capture high resolution 96kHz stereo and multitrack recordings direct to a USB drive. SQ can also be hooked up to a PC or Mac via USB to become a plug ‘n play, Core Audio or ASIO compliant 32x32 audio interface, with upcoming MIDI and DAW Control capabilities. Another standout feature for AV customers is the inclusion of two independent, fully integrated and assignable Automatic Mic Mixers, that can be combined to create a mighty 48 channel AMM.

Allen & Heath Product Manager, Keith Johnson said, “SQ-7 embodies everything that’s so exciting about SQ – the power, the speed, the ergonomics – in a more imposing format that lets us push the capabilities of the console even further. As soon as we unleashed the SQ phenomenon, we were inundated by people who loved the concept and the features, and who wanted to take SQ into scenarios that called for more built-in I/O and more hands-on control. This one is for them!”

SQ-7 is supported by an ecosystem of mixing and personal monitoring apps, remote I/O expanders, audio networking cards and ME personal mixers, multiplying the system’s expansion and integration possibilities.

For more information or to schedule a demo call 815-271-3000 or email


600 MHz Rebate Extension Web Banner.png

Is your wireless gear operating in the legal part of the Spectrum? Have you and your customers taken full advantage of Shure rebate offers yet? It is not too late! Shure is excited to extend its 600MHz wireless rebate program through October 31, 2018. This quick and easy trade-in program helps you bring all of your inventory into the legal operating range and saves you money while doing so.

Visit the Shure 600MHz Wireless Rebate page for more information.